Warmth and Care: A Guide to Cleaning Your Heated Clothing

The process of cleaning your heated clothing is crucial for its longevity and performance. While many of us frequently enjoy the warmth and comfort of a heated jacket or heated vest, knowing the proper cleaning methods is essential. Let's delve into the steps required to effectively clean your heated gear and ensure its durability.

1. Disconnect and remove the battery from its designated compartment.

This step holds immense importance in maintaining the safety of your heated clothing. The rechargeable battery within these heated jackets and heated vests must be removed before cleaning as it cannot withstand water immersion, causing it to malfunction. Hence, it's imperative to take it out before proceeding further.

2. Ensure reattachment of connector cables and zip up compartments securely.

Safeguarding the electrical components is paramount. After extracting the battery from your heated jacket or heated vest, it's vital to reattach the connector cables securely and zip up the compartments. This precautionary measure shields the cables during the washing process.

3. Place the garments into a mesh laundry bag.

Given the delicacy of the wiring in heated gear, extra care is necessary. Placing these garments, whether a heated jacket or heated vest, in a mesh laundry bag helps protect the intricate wiring during the wash cycle.

4. Launder using a washing machine.

Avoid dry cleaning; instead, opt for machine washing your heated clothing at home. Heated jackets and heated vests are more suited for washing machines, saving you both time and money. Prefer machines without central agitators, or if unavailable, utilize a mesh bag. You may even use a pillowcase as an alternative.

Avoid using bleach as it can severely damage the heated gear, therefore, it's strictly prohibited.

5. Dry the garments.

Avoid twisting or wringing your heated clothing. Although you may be eager to expedite the drying process, twisting could potentially damage the wiring within.

Air drying is the preferred method for heated gear. Lay the garments flat on a towel, periodically flipping them to ensure both sides dry thoroughly.

Ironing is unnecessary; simply remove the garments promptly from the washing machine to prevent wrinkling.

These steps outline the proper cleaning procedure for your heated clothing. Familiarizing yourself with these practices ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your heated jacket or heated vest.