The effect of the heated jacket is quite good

Firstly, the heated clothing has two small fans installed at the left and right waist of the heated jacket, drawing outdoor air into the clothing. It absorbs body heat through vaporization, allowing sweat to evaporate, cooling the body temperature and providing a feeling of cool comfort.

Secondly, heated clothing is generally made using high-quality polyester fabric and specially designed with miniature fans. It's a new type of high-temperature protective clothing product, whether it's a heated vest or a heated jacket.

Thirdly, heated gear requires a professional rechargeable lithium battery or adapter for power supply.

Fourthly, the unique design of heated clothing is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, providing a very comfortable and cool wearing experience for those who wear a heated vest or a heated jacket.

Fifthly, the heated gear uses direct current of 3.2V to 7.2V ultra-low voltage, which does not harm the human body, ensuring safety and reliability for every heated jacket or heated vest wearer.

Sixthly, the design of heated clothing is user-friendly; power sources, fan components, etc., can be disassembled and conveniently cleaned in any heated gear.

Seventhly, the heated vest or heated jacket uses direct current power sources, which can be solar batteries or rechargeable batteries that can be easily removed.

Eighthly, heated clothing is very suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts, outdoor workers, and individuals working in high-temperature environments, providing the comfort and warmth they need in a heated vest or heated jacket.

Heated clothing is a new, humanized product of the technological age and a blessing for outdoor workers and those in high-temperature jobs. It allows for a cool and refreshing experience even in scorching summer days, making the blazing sun nothing to fear for anyone wearing a heated jacket or heated vest!