Stay Warm & Comfortable with Heated Jacket Magic Cable-SAE to DC Cable

If you love riding your motorcycle or snowmobile in cold weather, you might want to invest in some heated apparel to keep you warm and comfortable. Heated jackets, vests, gloves, and other garments use electric heating elements to provide heat to your body. However, to power these heated garments, you need a compatible battery and adapter cable.

One of the most popular brands of heated apparel is Harley Davidson, which offers a range of heated gear for riders. Harley Davidson heated apparel uses a DC plug to connect to a 12V battery harness that attaches to your vehicle’s battery. However, not all motorcycles or snowmobiles have the same type of battery connector. Some vehicles use a SAE plug(SAE to DC cable), which is a two-pronged connector that is widely used in the automotive industry.

If you have a motorcycle or snowmobile that uses a SAE plug(SAE to DC cable), you might wonder how you can use your Harley Davidson heated apparel with it. The answer is simple: you need a heated jacket adapter cable that converts the SAE plug to a DC plug. This way, you can connect your heated gear to your vehicle’s battery without any hassle.

There are many heated jacket adapter cables available on the market, but not all of them are compatible with Harley Davidson heated apparel. Some adapter cables might have different sizes, shapes, or polarities of the plugs, which could damage your heated gear or your vehicle’s battery. Therefore, you need to choose a heated jacket adapter cable that is specifically designed for Harley Davidson heated apparel.

One of the best heated jacket adapter cables for Harley Davidson heated apparel is the Smarkey Heated Jacket Adapter Cable (SAE to DC Cable, one of the Heated Jacket Magic Cable), which is one of the heated jacket magic cable. This adapter cable has a SAE plug on one end and a DC plug on the other end(SAE to DC cable), and it is compatible with all Harley Davidson heated apparel, as well as other brands of heated gear that use a DC plug. The adapter cable is made of high-quality materials, and it has a built-in fuse to protect your heated gear and your vehicle’s battery from short circuits or overloads. The SAE to DC cable is also easy to use: you just need to connect the SAE plug to your vehicle’s battery harness, and then connect the DC plug to your heated gear. The adapter cable is 18 inches long, which gives you enough flexibility to position your heated gear as you like.

The Smarkey Heated Jacket Adapter Cable(SAE to DC cable) is a must-have accessory for motorcycle or snowmobile riders who want to use their Harley Davidson heated apparel with their vehicles. It is affordable, durable, and reliable, and it will make your riding experience more enjoyable and comfortable. You can order the Smarkey Heated Jacket Adapter Cable from this site today, and enjoy the benefits of heated gear in cold weather.