Smarkey's USB to Dual 8.4V DC Output Adapter: Empowering Your Heated Gear On the Go

As the chill of winter sets in, outdoor enthusiasts and workers understand the importance of reliable heated gear to keep them warm and comfortable. Smarkey's innovative USB to Dual 8.4V DC Output Adapter emerges as a versatile solution for charging heated glove batteries, offering unparalleled convenience for those on the move.

Key Features:

  • Dual DC Outputs for Multi-Device Charging: Smarkey's adapter is equipped with two DC outputs, designed specifically for charging 8.4V heated glove batteries. This dual functionality allows users to charge multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring that both gloves are ready for action when the temperature drops.

  • USB Compatibility for On-the-Go Charging: The USB functionality of this adapter opens up a world of possibilities for charging. Whether you're on a hiking trail, camping in the woods, or simply on the move, you can utilize your power bank or any USB-enabled device to charge your heated gloves conveniently.

  • Versatility in Charging Locations: This adapter is not bound by traditional charging locations. Charge your heated gloves in automobiles, heavy machinery, or recreational vehicles, providing flexibility for users with diverse lifestyles and work environments.

  • Wide Range of Outdoor Applications: The Smarkey adapter is tailored for outdoor enthusiasts engaged in activities like motorcycling, biking, snowmobiling, hiking, and more. It ensures that your heated gear is always powered up, enhancing your outdoor experience in chilly conditions.

  • Quality Guarantee for Peace of Mind: Smarkey stands behind the quality of its products. The USB to Dual 8.4V  DC Output Adapter comes with a 30-day return and exchange policy, demonstrating the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction. Any unexpected issues are promptly addressed, ensuring a worry-free user experience.

How to Ensure Compatibility:

To maximize compatibility, it is essential to pay attention to the connector size. Contact the seller to double-confirm the compatibility of the adapter with your specific heated glove battery, ensuring a seamless and efficient charging experience.


Smarkey's USB to Dual 8.4V  DC Output Adapter is a game-changer for those who rely on heated gloves to brave the winter cold. With its dual DC outputs, USB compatibility, and versatility in charging locations, this adapter offers an unparalleled level of convenience for outdoor enthusiasts and workers alike. Stay warm, stay charged, and embrace the freedom to explore with Smarkey's innovative charging solution for heated gear.