Harness Warmth On-the-Go: 12V DC Plug Adapter Charger with DC to DC Cable for Metabo/Milwaukee/Dewalt Heated Jacket

When winter's chill sets in, staying warm becomes a priority, especially for those working in demanding environments. The 12V DC Plug Adapter Charger tailored for Metabo, Milwaukee, and Dewalt Heated Jackets is a versatile solution designed to keep you cozy in various settings. Let's explore the features and advantages, including the inclusion of a DC to DC cable, making it a go-to power source for heated gear enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • 12.6V DC, 1A (1000mA), 12W Output: This adapter boasts a reliable power output of 12.6V DC, delivering 1A (1000mA) and a total power of 12W. These specifications ensure that your heated jacket receives a consistent and efficient power supply for optimal warmth.

  • Universal Car Charging Plug: The inclusion of a car charging plug enhances the adapter's versatility. You can effortlessly power up your heated jacket from the convenience of your vehicle, expanding the areas where you can stay warm during cold weather.

  • DC to DC Cable for Seamless Connection: The DC to DC cable included with the adapter simplifies the process of connecting your heated jacket. This cable serves as the bridge between the DC output of the adapter and the input on your Metabo, Milwaukee, or Dewalt Heated Jacket, ensuring a secure and efficient power transfer.

  • Total Cable Length of 1 Meter: With a 1-meter cable length, users enjoy flexibility in connecting their heated jackets to the power source. The optimal length strikes a balance between convenience and practicality, allowing you to move freely without any constraints.

Universal Compatibility:

The 12V DC Plug Adapter Charger is designed to be compatible with standard 12V DC power outlets commonly found in automobiles, heavy machinery, and recreational vehicles. This adaptability makes it an ideal companion for individuals working in various industries or those who frequently find themselves on the move.

Seamless Integration with Heated Jackets:

The DC Adapter, along with the included DC to DC cable, seamlessly connects to all Milwaukee 49-24-2301 M12 Heated Jackets, ensuring a snug fit and reliable power supply. The compatibility extends to Metabo and Dewalt 12V Heated Jackets, providing users with a universal solution for their diverse heated gear needs.


Incorporating the 12V DC Plug Adapter Charger with DC to DC Cable into your winter gear arsenal is a smart choice for those who prioritize warmth and mobility. Whether you're on the road, operating heavy machinery, or enjoying outdoor recreational activities, this adapter ensures that your heated jacket stays powered, offering a consistent source of warmth. Elevate your winter experience by investing in this adaptable and reliable power solution for your Metabo, Milwaukee, or Dewalt Heated Jacket.