Heated Clothing - Working Principle and Safety

Heated clothing employs innovative technology aimed at warming the core body temperature by incorporating heating elements(heated jacket & heated vest) within the fabric layers, powered by batteries to generate heat. This clothing(heated jacket & heated vest) offers lightweight warmth, comfort, and versatility. Typically, heated clothing warms three areas—the left chest, right chest, and back. An LED button allows easy control of the clothing's high, medium, and low heating levels. The compact yet powerful 5V mobile power source features DC/USB output ports, supplying power for heating the clothing and emergency charging for your phone.

1. Working Principle of Heated Clothing
Unlike regular clothing, heated garments(heated jacket & heated vest) integrate a heating system, comprising heating elements (heating pads) and a mobile power source (battery). The heating pads consist of flexible heating fabric integrated with carbon fiber heating wires or composite metal fibers. The working principle involves passing a low-voltage electric current through the heating pads, producing a "current heat effect" that converts electrical energy into heat, generating warmth. Heated clothing typically operates between 40°C to 65°C, with three temperature settings for personalized comfort without feeling overly hot.

2. Safety of Heated Clothing
Heated clothing utilizes currents of 5V, 7.4V, or 12V—significantly lower than the body's safe voltage, ensuring safety during use. The heating wires of the heating pads are protected with silicone gel, providing insulation and waterproofing, allowing safe use even in moist conditions. Additionally, the clothing automatically switches to lower temperature settings or shuts off if temperatures become too high. Multiple protections—overheat protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and waterproof protection—further ensure user safety.

3. How to Use and Maintain Heated Clothing(heated jacket & heated vest)?
1. Using Heated Clothing

   (1) For the first use, fully charge the mobile power source using the provided charger.
   (2) Once the battery is fully charged, connect it to the USB plug in the heated clothing's pocket.
   (3) Long-press the controller button for 3 seconds to power on for rapid heating. Short presses adjust the temperature.

2. Maintaining Heated Clothing

   (1) For regular use, it's recommended to use the medium or low heating levels, as they offer the most comfortable temperatures. Avoid prolonged use of the high heating level to prevent overheating or discomfort.
   (2) Before washing heated clothing(heated jacket & heated vest), remove the battery, place all wires into pockets, and zip them shut. Put the clothing in a laundry bag and wash in the washing machine. Do not tumble dry, iron, or dry clean. Air dry thoroughly.
   (3) When not in use, disconnect the mobile power source from the clothing, as the clothing(heated jacket & heated vest) may slowly drain power even when turned off.
   (4) If the heated clothing is unused for extended periods, ensure the battery maintains at least 25% charge to prevent shortened battery life.

Heated clothing boasts mature heating technology, high safety standards, and provides hours of warmth and comfort using far-infrared heating and heat reflection technologies. It enables people to stay outdoors in the cold wind for longer periods during winter, maintaining body warmth with peace of mind.